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Tyler Waddell is a developer and writer in Orlando, Florida where he writes about Emerging Tech, Big Ideas and Innovation.

A quick look at the docu-film of Lil Peep

(Mollie Sivaram/Unsplash)

Dylan Thomas: Do not go gentle into that good night

Florida’s unemployment website makes it nearly impossible to file for benefits.

Masks are scarcely available for many of Florida’s 21 millions residents.

“It’s a shit sandwich, and it was designed that way by Scott,” one adviser to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis reportedly said.

Five quick Tips

Audio test

Mute your mic

Plus a deep dive into where it all started.

A look at The Freedom Dividend, Medicare and COVID-19

From Crypto to the Dow. These are the best 3 apps for investing.


Apple makes quality products that last. Period.

Featuring: The “baking” method

Tezos rises, yet many are out of the loop



On-Chain Governance

How familiar are you with linux?

and why it’s worth your time.

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